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Holis was founded by Maxim Dedushkov in 2014 but the idea of interdisciplinary learning was born around 2010. Maxim was heading the design agency of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. He was running client-facing projects with teams of university students and realised quickly that designers are not capable of doing everything (despite some of them claiming the opposite). Thus the idea of a project-based interdisciplinary learning experience was born.

Maxim had to wait 4 years to put his idea in practice when he became the Head of Research and Education at Design Terminal, a governmental organisation to support the Hungarian creative industry. With the generous support of this organisation and an exciting opportunity in a small Hungarian town, Kőszeg, Holis started.

The first Holis focused on the future scenarios for an old felt factory, which at the time was suffering from a 90% loss of income due to the rise in popularity of synthetic felts. As a result of the solutions that Holis participants helped to identify and implement, the felt factory now has new owners, new products, and other thriving business activities. Since then we’ve been working on many social challenges in many places around Europe.

Early Childhood Development System in Visegrad Region

Early childhood experiences affect the development of brain architecture, which provides the foundation for all future learning, behavior, and health. How might we improve the system of early childhood development in the Visegrad Region?

Live Online Sessions
October-November 2021
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Revitalizing Economic and Social Fabrics

We partnered with CLARA - Center for Rural Future to revitalise the economic and social fabric of the Odemira Region in Portugal

Sabóia, Portugal
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Rural social innovation

In 2018 we explored what are the challenges of rural Poland and what can we do about them.

Sobole, Poland
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Community and business

We partnered up with Spomlek, a local cheese factory and asked ourselves: how a local business can serve the community around it?

Sobole, Poland
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Future of a castle

Interdisciplinary teams developed future scenarios for the reconstruction of the ​Rákóczi-Bánffy castle which was built in the 15th century.

Gyalu, Romania
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Ageing opportunities

We focused on the issues and opportunities inherent in ageing, with the support of international experts and team facilitators. The aim was to give long term solutions to keeping senior citizens economically and socially active with the help of design.

Ajka, Hungary
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Future of a felt factory

The first HOLIS was organized in July 2014 in Kőszeg, Hungary. The participating university students and fresh graduates explored the possible future scenarios of an old felt factory which by the time lost the 90% of its market.

Kőszeg, Hungary
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Few alumni

Hover me!
Consultant, project manager
Alvaro Valls Boix
Elche, Spain
Cultural anthropology
Lili Varga
Budapest, Hungary
Industrial Design/ Speculative Design
Dominika Majewska
Kolding, Denmark
Social Design
Lesley-Ann Donnell
Copenhagen, Denmark
Curatorial Practice
Kasia Zawada
Glasgow, UK
Service Designer
Zsófia Szatmári-Margitai
Innsbruck, Austria
Visual communication
Adrienn Gréta Schönberg
Digital Storyteller Designer at Yello Strom GmbH
Miguel Lobato
Mexico City, Mexico
Erdenejargal Rinzaan
Budapest, Hungary
Communication specialist
Mónika Simon
Budapest, Hungary
Industrial design
Tamara Lašič Jurković
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Programme Manager at Prime Minister's Office
András Stefanik
Budapest, Hungary
Integrated Design / Landscape Design
Shumin Luo
Cologne, Germany
Experience Designer at Mirum Agency
Larasati Larasati
London, UK
Service Design
Amber Francis
Savannah, GA, USA
Márk Kendernay
Bath, UK
Graphic Designer
Panna Júlia Petró
Budapest, Hungary
Bence Makkai
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Product design
Bálint Eckhardt
London, UK
Jeremiasz Rzenno
Glasgow, UK
Bence Bán
Budapest, Hungary
Architect and graphic designer
Sára Dányádi
Budapest, Hungary
Eszter Horváth
Budapest, Hungary
Co-founder at LAVOR
Sarolta Szonja Molnár
Budapest, Hungary
Account manager at Mito
Anna Mészár
Budapest, Hungary
Media design
Evelin Horváth
Budapest, Hungary
Andrea Vâță-Diénes
Business Administration
Merle Niester
Vienna, Austria
Mathematical Modeller at Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Beáta Tünde Szabó
Budapest, Hungary
Production Coordinator
Katarzyna Witkowska
Katowice, Poland
Graphic design
Hermina Csala
PhD student
Monika Favara-Kurkowski
Warsaw, Poland
Media & Communication / Urban Studies
Monika Domanska
Gdynia, Poland
Designer at ChemAxon
Gábor Lukács
Budapest, Hungary
Brand manager
Júlia Eszter Ürmösi
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Anna Diósy
Budapest, Hungary
Product Designer
Fanni Csöbi
Düsseldorf, Germany
Customer Success Manager
Iwona Kastunowicz
Warsaw, Poland
Founder at Stilblog
Petra Hoffmann
Budapest, Hungary
Social designer
Eliza Chojnacka
Vienna, Austria
Graphic designer
Karolina Styczeń
Cracow, Poland
Innovation Consultant & Agile Coach
Jennifer Pauli
Leipzig, Germany
Attila Ágoston
Design and Innovation consultant
Eliana Vargas
Quito, Ecuador
Artist, Freelance Graphic Designer
Daniel Kozma
Budapest, Hungary
UI/UX Designer
Daniela Haas
Cologne, Germany
Product designer
Robert Raimann
Gdansk, Poland
Beáta Bartha
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
UX Design
Gábor Suhajda
Budapest, Hungary
Engineering Project Manager at Hello Wood Group
Nóra Láng
Budapest, Hungary
Art history
Beáta Bordás
Product designer at Studio Rygalik
Gabriela Szałańska
Warsaw, Poland
Design student
Jarmila Martinková
Ede, Netherlands
Industrial Designer
Simon Izidor Rozman
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Business Analyst
Katalin Zsuzsanna Nagy-Szabó
Budapest, Hungary
Event manager
Bettina Alscher
Budapest, Hungary
Product Designer
Michał Kociszewski
Łódź, Poland
PhD student
Zuzana Waszczuková
Bratislava, Slovakia
Product and Industrial Design
Tamara Olbrys
Warsaw, Poland
User Experience Researcher at GE Transportation Lab
Archana Mani Srinivasan
Atlanta, USA
Áron Miszlivetz
Budapest, Hungary
Anikó Bakos
Service designer
Mishell Orta
Milan, Italy
Industrial, Product Design
Dan Pikalo
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Communication in Social and Economic Context
Vitalia Safronova
Berlin, Germany
Preservation of Cultural and Architectural Heritage
Anna Regina Enyedi
Textile design
Petra Debnárová
Berlin, Germany
Enikő Molnár
Architect at Paradigma Ariadné
Szabolcs Molnár
Budapest, Hungary
Urban planner
Zsuzsa Czeiz
Budapest, Hungary
UX team lead at Emarsys
Zsuzsanna Polgár
Vienna, Austria
Project manager
Eszter Kalóz
Berlin, Germany
Innovation & Service design
Fei Feng
Beijing, China
International studies
Zsófia Méhes
Berlin, Germany
UX designer and researcher
Zsófia Czémán
Vienna, Austria
Product designer at Frontíra
Zsófia Elek
Budapest, Hungary
Sadaf Uddin
London, UK
UX Designer
Karina Rachwał
Wrocław, Poland
Emese Burista
Louvain, Belgium
E-commerce entrepreneur
Aniko Brachmann
Budapest, Hungary
Google Ads Specialist at Majorel
Lóránt Korodi-Vass
Landscape architect
Enikő Tóth
Gyöngyös, Hungary
Project engineer
Melánia Gál-Joó
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Integrated Design / Communication Design
Sophia Nan Wu
Cologne, Germany
Service Designer at Cocomore
Miriam Schmalen
Cologne, Germany
Market research analyst
Szvetlana Juhász
Budapest, Hungary
Pattern designer and illustrator
Lili Veszprémi
Budapest, Hungary
Digital Design
Miriam Loos
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Strategic Product Design
Gunjan Singh
The Hague, Netherlands
Project manager
Magdolna Györgyei Szabó
Service designer at Globant
Silvia Romano Redondo
Madrid, Spain
Innovation & service design
Meijin Li
London, UK
Creative Direction
Sandra Dernbach
Cologne, Germany
Fashion and textile designer
Zsófia Papp
Budapest, Hungary
Business analyst
Andrea Szilágyi
Augsburg, Germany
Communication & PR
Sarolta Lapohos
Strategic Designer
Sara Galan
Mexico City, Mexico
Fine Arts
Sarah El-Haddad
Cairo, Egypt
Karolina Sielicka
Warsaw, Poland
Digital Communications Manager at Legrand
Tamás Ádám Vedres
Budapest, Hungary