Holis is an interdisciplinary collaborative and learning community that works on the most critical ecological and social challenges of our times.

We are a group of designers, researchers, makers, artists, and facilitators pursuing change through collaboration and collective intelligence. During our site-specific workshops and courses we address large-scale global issues by solving problems in collaboration with our partners.

Our work also combines research, delivering workshops, product development, and consultancy to help clients achieve their sustainability goals.

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This happened in 2023

“I warmly recommend the Holis summer schools. They are exactly the kind of educational programme next generation professionals need — place-based, interdisciplinary, collaborative.”

John Thackara
Writer, Advisor and Public Speaker

“Holis does an excellent job of creating an environment that fosters peer learning. With the guidance of remarkable team leaders and an incredibly dedicated and brilliant team, I left Holis equipped with tools and methods that I will continue to use in my design work.”

Collyn Cooper
Service Designer

“Now more than ever we need to foster cooperation across disciplines, cultures and geographies to support social innovation. I’m convinced of the value of place-specific, experiential learning, and the Holis summer schools create fantastic opportunities and benefits, not only for the talented (and lucky) participants but for the local partner enterprises and communities."

Dr John Stevens
Senior Lecturer
Royal College of Art, London

“It is priceless to have the level of expertise of these organizer, mentor and local experts who involved in the program, and be able to learn from them how to apply all the design theories into concrete actions and testing.”

Rara Larasati
Human Experience Designer

“Creative problem solving and empathy are fast becoming the top capacities necessary for our future lives. This means we need new models of education. Ones that mix different ways of thinking and doing things and equip us with collaborative know-how. Holis is part of this new generation of progressive and interdisciplinary learning programmes challenging disciplinary silos.”

Daniel Charny
Professor of Design
Kingston University London

“Holis was inspiring and exciting. I never thought I will learn so much in such a short period of time. Some of that will stick with me forever and I am very grateful for that.”

Tamara Lašič Jurković
Industrial Designer

“Holis is the future of education. Diverse groups of people coming together to learn new skills by solving real problems.”

Roland Harwood
Compulsive Connector
We Are Liminal


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