Future of a felt factory

Kőszeg, Hungary


The first HOLIS was organized in July 2014 in Kőszeg, Hungary. The participating university students and fresh graduates explored the possible future scenarios of an old felt factory which by the time lost the 90% of its market.

The challenge we worked on

In the outskirts of Kőszeg, there is a felt factory. The factory was built in 1898, and we wanted to honor it, as a part of our industrial heritage, by rethinking its function. Felt production has lost its markets in the last few years and the factory has fallen into slow but sure decay. Nowadays, the yearly income of the factory is around 100 million HUF, an amount that barely covers its expenses. The present owner of the factory intends to sell it.

A comprehensive development strategy was presented to the West-Pannon Development Agency for further use. Brand new business model and new website was developed by the felt factory inspired by the outcome of HOLIS summer university teamwork. An almost disappeared cultural and industrial heritage gained a second chance.

Download the summary of the development strategy (eng).

Download the development strategy (hu).

The projects were delivered by


Ágota Bíró

Employee Inspiration Lead at Emarsys

My work is about PEOPLE: supporting them to become the best they can be. Helping organizations to have successful conversations around the way to great results: culture, talent, leadership, success, inclusion and letting go.


Fanni Csernátony

Fanni Csernátony is addicted to design workshops and co-creation ever since she started studying Product Design in Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME). She participated and organized several events focusing on creative teamwork. She believes that the design process works best if it involves people with different cultural and professional backgrounds.


Balázs Orlai

Freelancer designer. Previously head of the MOME Department of Design, co-founder of Sausagefence! design studio, designer of the iconic Hungarian Mustache Ba, P-shaped Bike Parkers and BKV Passenger Information System Designer.


Bálint Kádár

Associate lecturer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


Panni Pais

Co-founder of Cellux Group, designer.


Dóra Horváth

Dóra is associate professor at Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Marketing and Media, head of the Department of Marketing, Media and Designcommunication. Her areas of research include diffusion of new technology in personal communication, designcommunication, co-creation, projective research techniques. Her areas of education involve: strategic and creative planning of marketing communication, design management, advertising management.


Marton Szabo

Strategic advisor @ Mito, co-founder, executive director @ Koin.


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Ágnes Marczinkó
Budapest, Hungary
Account manager at Mito
Anna Mészár
Budapest, Hungary
Áron Miszlivetz
Budapest, Hungary
Architect at Paradigma Ariadné
Attila Róbert Csóka
Budapest, Hungary
Product design
Bálint Eckhardt
London, UK
Bence Bán
Budapest, Hungary
Event manager
Bettina Alscher
Budapest, Hungary
Architectural designer
Csaba Szalai
Budapest, Hungary
Architect at Paradigma Ariadné
Dávid Smiló
Budapest, Hungary
Vype Activation Manager at British American Tobacco
Dóra Németh
Budapest, Hungary
Landscape architect
Enikő Tóth
Gyöngyös, Hungary
Erdenejargal Rinzaan
Budapest, Hungary
Media design
Evelin Horváth
Budapest, Hungary
Communication specialist
Mónika Simon
Budapest, Hungary
Founder at Stilblog
Petra Hoffmann
Budapest, Hungary
Architect and graphic designer
Sára Dányádi
Budapest, Hungary
Co-founder at LAVOR
Sarolta Szonja Molnár
Budapest, Hungary
Architect at Paradigma Ariadné
Szabolcs Molnár
Budapest, Hungary
Digital Communications Manager at Legrand
Tamás Ádám Vedres
Budapest, Hungary
International studies
Zsófia Méhes
Berlin, Germany
Fashion and textile designer
Zsófia Papp
Budapest, Hungary
Service Designer
Zsófia Szatmári-Margitai
Innsbruck, Austria
Product designer
Zsolt Sarkadi
Budapest, Hungary
Urban planner
Zsuzsa Czeiz
Budapest, Hungary
UX team lead at Emarsys
Zsuzsanna Polgár
Vienna, Austria

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