Key Competencies of a Village Host

The Competence Framework of the Open School for Village Hosts highlights the key competencies of present and future Village Hosts, and it is developed under the Erasmus+ programme by seven organisations.

Its objective is to provide a framework of key skills that help a Village Host support small villages and rural areas in improving quality of life standards. The competencies in the document were highlighted as the most needed from the target audience in line with the design process of Define, Design, Deliver, known as the Triple Design process, which was the baseline for the development of the training program of the Open School for Village Hosts.

Holis researchers were involved in creating this document: Maxim, Justyna, Marton and Michala.

The framework is available to read in 7 different languages 

We are grateful to expert researchers in rural development and related fields of study for already supporting us in this ongoing work. To know more, visit the main website of the project

Download the pdf (EN)Download the pdf (HU)

Márton Gosztonyi


Márton implemented social development programs, economic development programs, and business development programs together with low-income families in disadvantaged settlements in Hungary for more than 10 years. In addition to his development and trainer work, he is an academic researcher as well.


Justyna Turek

Project Manager

A dynamic and versatile professional, recognized for her expertise in sustainable design and innovation. As a design researcher, process facilitator, and ideas initiator, she specializes in creating immersive experiences, systems, and workshops that enable companies, brands, organizations, and events to effectively communicate their sustainable value to users. Her extensive experience spans a wide range of industries, including product, service, and manufacturing companies, as well as collaborations with design and culture studios in Paris, Helsinki, New York, Stockholm and across Poland. Co-founder of Change Pilots and Next Agents.


Maxim Dedushkov


Maxim is kind of designer, kind of entreprenuer. He is the founder of Holis. He also founded many other things. Some of them are still running. That makes him happy. Waste makes him angry. He also works as a consultant in social innovation, design, collective intelligence and management in general.


Michala Lipkova

Research and Education

Michala is a designer working along boundaries of product and experience design. She leads commissioned research projects at the Institute of Design at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Since 2013 she is a managing director of collaborative platform Flowers for Slovakia, focused on promotion of Slovak design abroad. In 2017 she has co-founded hardware startup Benjamin button.