Holis Hybrid Learning Playbook

Best practice, tools, challenges, and opportunities of distributed learning addressing ecological and social challenges

by Maxim Dedushkov, Lewis Greener, Michala Lipková, Barbara Predan

Based on our practical experience with leading Holis learning programs since 2014 and, the interviews with participants and facilitators we worked with, we have decided to open up and create an ongoing public online resource, that will help us learn and improve the tools we use by receiving feedback from the community.

The publication provides theoretical overview into the topic of hybrid learning and analyzes the state of best practice in this field by providing curated overview of academic learning design resources, massive open online courses (MOOCs), we well as open educational resources, and practical handbooks & toolkits.

Second part of the publication shares the step-by-step process of Holis experience and learning design, described through the lens of a specific Holis Hybrid '21 learning program. The final part analyzes the feedback of program participants and facilitators & summarizes the key findings and reflections.

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Holis Learning Process Toolkit

Any tool one decides to use in a facilitated learning session relates to immediate context, with a particular team, tackling a specific challenge. As a part of the Holis Hybrid Learning Playbook, we are bringing to you this Holis Learning Process Overview board which links to additional resources, including a series of Miro templates for each part of the co-creation process.

Miro board