Interview with Zsuzsa Polgar

Zsófia Szatmári-Margitai

February 11, 2020

Let’s start with a quick question, what are your three first words related to HOLIS?
Experience, community, sharing

Please, share with us your most memorable moment from HOLIS?
When I was traveling there, before having met anyone, I could already guess whose else on the train would be going there as well.

Could you tell us about what did you learn and gain from HOLIS?
That the more diverse a team is, the more exciting thinking together would be; and to see in practice what really holistic project building was like.

And talk about the other side of the coin, what are those things what should be improved or changed in HOLIS?
The community that formed during the week was awesome, but I feel maybe more could have been done to help keep it together afterward.

Have you ever recommended HOLIS to someone, if yes, for whom? If not yet, for whom would you like to suggest to participate?
Yes, I have recommended it to several friends who I thought could use the huge boost of experience and new connections that holis provides.

If you need to explain HOLIS to someone, how would you do it, in your opinion what is the essence of it?
A perfect opportunity for someone at the beginning of their career, someone who might need a glimpse into how things can be done, to provide reassurance that things can be done right.

What still puzzles you about HOLIS, what do you always wanted to ask about it?
How many times can one re-attend?