The Loneliness Project

April 22, 2020

The Problem

Lack of Contextual Info on Loneliness

Loneliness is one of the significant factors for determining one's well-being across all ages; however, because of the lack of contextual information around why we feel this way, it’s difficult to find effective solutions that best meet one's needs.

Limitations of Existing Solutions

The most widely adopted means of measuring loneliness is based on one’s subjective feelings of loneliness. However, these measurements disregard important contextual information such as why and when people experience loneliness.

How might we build a system for better understanding the context of loneliness so we can offer actionable insights that could encourage residents, local communities and governments to take action?

Our Approach

1. Gather & analyse the contextual data such as location, weather, and events in addition to data on demography and subjective loneliness.
2. Build metrics called Loneliness Marker which incorporate the contextual information on loneliness.
3. Create a digital platform where people can see a visualisation of the loneliness marker in their interest areas.
4. Offer a place to share actionable insights on our platform for individuals, communities & governments.
5. Measure impact & improve Loneliness Marker to ensure our metrics are inclusive and effective.

Who Are Our Stakeholders?

Local communities
Corporate partners

How Do We Build a Loneliness Marker?

1. Gather data
In order to determine the contributing factors to loneliness, we'll collect data not just on subjective loneliness but also on weather, time, social media, and location.

2. Analyse data
Once the necessary data are collected, we'll clean the data for analysis and identify patterns & correlations between factors.

3. Build Loneliness Marker
Based on the data analysis, we'll create our loneliness marker which will then be used to encourage individuals, communities & governments to take meaningful

How Do We Connect People and Data?

Concept for Loneliness Marker Visualisation - real time map showing loneliness level

Impact We Want to Bring


Utilise our Loneliness Marker to make decisions on where to live, study, work, etc.


Use our Loneliness Marker to assess their community resilience, potential risk factors, and their impact.


Introduce effective policies that can scale across a nation and encourage cooperations across nations

See the slides of the project here.