The Competitive Advantage of the Most Successful Organisations

Maxim Dedushkov

February 8, 2021

It’s quite obvious that in the today’s turbulent, hypercomplex and hyper rapid changing environment (be it business or society) the “old” management systems became absolute (ok, maybe not absolute, but old for sure and must be developed). They are too rigid, slow and not effective/efficient anymore. We hear a lot about flat organizations, sociocracy, holacracy, etc. which approaches claim to be the answers to the problem described above.

Classic network management theory emphasise the role of the management. The role of management is critical for effective network governance, especially regarding the handling of tensions inherent in each governance form. For a network administrative organization to be effective, network level staff must develop the skills needed for network level action; this is often a challenge due to significant resource constraints.

But can new management models be used in network environment and replace this need just as they do on company level?

Holis Work in collaboration with CODEC presents this research.

The research was funded by the International Visegrad Fund.

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