Project X

Maxim Dedushkov

February 16, 2021

Project X was conceptualised as part of the I-Witness: Design for Human Rights project executed by Seetharaman Subramanian and Ziqq Rafit. The project was inspired by Collective Intelligence Design and guided by Maxim Dedushkov, Iulia Ionescu and John Stevens.

Project X is an anonymising service that aims to enable protestors to record/publish videos of the police/authorities without fear of being targeted. We leverage recent advances in facial recognition and image generation using GANs along with the social media networks' social graphs to help people anonymise others and themselves when capturing media during protests.

This would allow for freedom of expression for the protestors and also help create a source of authentic media content for academics, news outlets and officials.

Download the presentation.


Ziqq Rafit

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Seetharaman Subramanian

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