Open School for Village Hosts - Pop-Up micro events in Budapest

Justyna Turek

December 8, 2023

We always care about collaboration & knowledge sharing.

Explore 'Open School for Village Hosts - Pop-Up micro events in Budapest'. Join Holis for an interactive sessions on rural community empowerment!

DATE: From 8th-22nd of December 2023

SPACE: Express your interest (please contact us at

We are delighted to invite all interested in the "Open School for Village Hosts” pilot program, for an interactive pop-up micro events to present the outcomes and possibilities of our innovative project, which aims to empower local communities in revitalising small villages in remote areas. These micro-events offer an opportunity for individual actors, rural entrepreneurs, local communities, or everyone interested in this topic to come together, share insights, and explore the potential for future collaborations in Hungary.

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Holis one of the six esteemed partners, will take the lead in hosting this pivotal meeting. Our unwavering commitment to the "Open School for Village Hosts" project over the past two years has been instrumental in developing comprehensive content for online training, facilitating in-person training sessions in Grottole (Italy), and crafting the transformative manifesto. We are excited to share our collective achievements and insights during this event, contributing to the program's success.

The "Open School for Village Hosts" is a fantastic opportunity to connect, network, and potentially develop follow-up activities that contribute to the well-being of local communities and networks. We look forward to your participation and the positive impact it will have on our project and the communities it serves!


🗨️ Launch of the manifesto (discussion)

📊 Project vision & main ideas

🤝 Networking opportunities & interactive workshop


  1. Express your interest via and we will contact you (mention your availability and interest in the topic)
  2. We'll group you with like-minded individuals for an in-person meet at one of the Budapest café.
  3. Dive into engaging discussions and connect with fellow enthusiasts navigated by Maxim Dedushkov - Founder of Holis, trainer & expert
  4. In Hungarian

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