Interview with Maciej Budzisz

Zsófia Szatmári-Margitai

February 11, 2020

I am designer focused on graphic design and marketing. I work mostly for companies to improve their way how they present themselves. I have wide educational backgrounds: marketing, computer science, and cultural studies with new media specialization. That help me in my work at Invenzio Creative Studio. On HOLIS’17 I was working on brand interventions for Spomlek.

Let’s start with a quick question, what are your three first words related to HOLIS?
They are the outstanding interdisciplinary workshop.

Please, share with us your most memorable moment from HOLIS?
It is the last stage of the project when we were preparing our results to present them to people. Our group designed five brand interventions and made prototypes of them, like the yellow cow. You can see them here.

Could you tell us about what did you learn and gain from HOLIS?
For me, the most important part was working in teams, constantly discussing what we were doing, creating new ideas. Great was also to give and receive feedback. Team-working projects for students are not so popular kind of activity in Polish universities.

And talk about the other side of the coin, what are those things what should be improved or changed in HOLIS?
The HOLIS is a great idea, which is mostly unknown. You need more publicity, maybe some articles in magazines. Not only friends recommendations and social media activity.

Have you ever recommended HOLIS to someone, if yes, for whom? If not yet, for whom would you like to suggest to participate?
I recommended to my friends — graphic designers. But I highly recommend it to psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, and a lot of others creators and researchers, because it is the interdisciplinary workshop. The results depend on people involved in. With the more diverse group of participants, we can have better results.

If you need to explain HOLIS to someone, how would you do it, in your opinion what is the essence of it?
HOLIS is the interdisciplinary problem-solving workshop with real impact.

What still puzzles you about HOLIS, what do you always wanted to ask about it?
HOLIS is organized in a transparent way, information is clear. Organisers don’t hide anything, even the budget is published on the website. So there is nothing that really puzzles me.