#Holis2018 - 5 projects to rethink the Polish countryside

Olivier Lacrouts

February 11, 2020

From August 10th to 19th 2018, 24 participants- from 4 continents and 16 different countries and with backgrounds rangingfrom product and service design to psychology and coding - gathered on thegrounds of the Sobole Foundation - a creative campus set up by the Polishstudio Rygalik. There they conceived a series of creative & businessproposals to reactivate the countryside and fight rural exodus. During the 10days of the workshop, the group - divided in 5 teams led by 5 internationalwomen professionals from various disciplines - worked closely with Holis’ localpartners - cultural associations and small businesses - and came up with 5projects:

●      A concept for an educationalsummer programme dedicated to local children, BAZA was developed by the group ledby Slovenian educator & design thinker Barbara Predan, which teamed up withHolis’ 2018 hosting partner Sobole;

●      Accessible to anyone, anywhere,MODU_ is an open source mobile device conceived by the team guided byPortuguese architect Joana Braga. It aims at creating temporary gatheringareas;

●      After figuring out that theinhabitants of the nearby village were lacking spaces to meet & exchange,the participants led by Romanian performer Dana Olarescu proposed to implementPip to Pot, a pop- up garden for local children to care for and for adults togather;

●      Under the guidance of Slovakianproduct designer Michala Lipkova, the fourth team imagined Smaking, a pop-upevent that could enable locals to exchange both recipes, stories and homegrown/homemade ingredients;

●      Literally meaning “Taste of theregion”, Smaki Powiatu is the name that the group led by Turkish technologist& entrepreneur Cansu Deniz Bayrak chose for its project, an umbrella brandthat aims at adding value to local products by providing producers withtemporary selling points along the new bike trail that crosses the county.

 Among the five projects presented, Smaking hasbeen received very positively and shall be implemented by Holis with the localpartners in the upcoming months, thus confirming the institution’s tangible andimpactful role.


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Holis 2018 was made possible with thefinancial support of the VisegradFund.


hosting partner
Sobole Foundation


local partners
Radzyn Podlaski county,