Holis Coronavirus Update

Maxim Dedushkov

March 26, 2020

update 26/03/2020

We were talking about what should we do with the current situation. Besides following the obvious rules of this time (stay at home if you can, wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, help those in need) we decided not to join the train of corona anxiety news and chaotic help offers (even with best intention) that occupy our feeds right now.
Instead, we want to focus on the future.

We think the time is now to start building the society we want to live in. Obviously, it won't be Holis who will change the world and make it a better place. But we can do our part. Every one of us.So our plan is to slow down, keep calm and keep going on the path we are walking for the last 7 years. Because we believe this is the way to go. It is the path without extreme achievements but a steady one. And Holis Alumni is the best proof that it works. (ok, this is a bit cheesy, but still true.)

We also understand that you might have anxiety and be distracted and can't do any decisions right now regarding your future plans. Be assured that we are in this together and we will postpone the application deadlines and/or the summer schools if necessary (in case you ask us for that or we don't have enough applications due to the current circumstances).

update 16/03/2020

This is a time of uncertainty. We understand that many of you might wonder what will happen with Holis School this year. We mean, obviously this is not your biggest concern at the time still we want to update you on this.

Holis School will go on as scheduled until further notice. This is the most important information you have to know at the moment. The application deadline stays 17 May and the dates for Holis Schools stay as planned. If anything changes we will let you know. 

Why? Because we have no idea what is going to happen. So we decided to make any decision closer to date and update you on what we think regularly. So keep tuned and we promise to communicate in time and be transparent.

Meanwhile please take care of yourself and people around you. We agree with physical distancing (it shouldn't called social distancing though). This Washington Post simulation shows why it is important. If you are able to stay at home please do so. We will only be able to fight this virus if we act collectively. Please think about the vulnerable people, about people who are not able to stay home, about your friends and family. And if you need one more reason, please stay home and make sure that the virus goes away by the time we will meet in Slovakia and Portugal.

And one more thing. This pandemic is not only about health but also about welfare. Many people who already have difficulties paying their bills will suffer even more. Please consider how you can help them. 

Stay tuned, stay safe, stay home and please stay positive. Ehm, positive in terms of… you know confident, forward-looking, constructive… not corona positive :) 

Holis Team

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