Learn skills that will help you be a change agent, a champion for purpose-led organisations and a better team player in interdisciplinary teams while working on social impact projects.

What you’ll be doing

Preparatory Online Session

Once you’ve been selected you will start your online preparatory session. You will learn about personalities and how they affect the team set up. You will learn what makes a good team and how to set up and keep track of the policies that will govern your team. You will learn how to map the skill set your team members represent and how to make the best use of that. Remember, your team members will come from different professional and cultural backgrounds. You will be working in an interdisciplinary team.
You will learn how to do a desk research around the topic you will be working on during the on-site workshop. You will also learn how to prepare a questionnaire to get as much information from the local community and/or experts to get prepared for the on-site workshop.
You will also learn about the Holis Playbook that walks you through the design process of social innovation as we see it. This will prepare you for what awaits you at the On-site Workshop. This is a great opportunity to get familiar with the basics of design thinking and innovation processes.

On-site Workshop

This is the core of Holis School. A 10 days on-site workshop usually in a remote place. This is an intensive experience in many aspects. You will live, eat, work (a lot) and have fun with Holis School participants and staff. You will be close to the local community your project aims to help. This is the place and time to test and try tools and methodologies, to experience first hand the work in an interdisciplinary team. This is the time to fail and learn and celebrate.
You will be working on a project with your interdisciplinary team members and with the help of an experienced team facilitator.

Follow-up Online Session

Coming up with an idea is important. Making this idea visible so it has the opportunity to attract partners for implementation is even more important. You will learn about how and where to communicate your idea, how to prepare presentations for potential partners and how to raise funds to realise your idea (well, the last one we can only teach you in theory).

Do Good

We strongly believe that we all are responsible for the health of our society and environment. Because of this, you will learn skills through working on real-life social and environmental challenges. We always work with local partners and experts who help us identify these challenges, generate and refine prototypes, and implement the final ideas.


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What will you learn

Although we have different topics for each of our summer schools, they all focus on learning skills that will strengthen your ability to solve complex problems – regardless of the field you come from. We believe that hard skills are important, but with the rapid evolution of technology, a focus on hard skills can potentially leave you vulnerable to change as these often have a shorter shelf life. Soft skills, on the other hand, enable you to adapt to change more easily.
You will also learn where your skill set fits into a multidisciplinary team and practice applying your skills to achieving collective goals.


complex problem






Life can only be understood backwards

The first Holis focused on the future scenarios of an old felt factory in Hungary, which at the time was suffering from a 90% loss of income due to the rise in popularity of synthetic felts. As a result of the solutions that Holis participants helped to identify and implement, the felt factory now has new owners, new products, and other thriving business activities. Since then we’ve been working on various challenges in different countries.