Community through business

Sobole, Poland

How a local business can serve the community around it?

The challenge we worked on

A lot of people feel a sense of isolation. Social alienation is one of the top problems in urban and rural environment. This is true for the Lublin Province as well in eastern Poland where Sobole, the venue of HOLIS is to be found. Bringing a community together is a challenging wicked problem especially for outsiders as us.

We believe that change should be initiated with the most agile agents.  We identified this agents in the local business community. This is why we partnered up with Spomlek, a local cheese factory. We asked ourselves: how a local business can serve the community around it?

What are the results

The team developed 5 brand interventions and a magazine about the people of Spomlek. See the presentations and the magazine here.

The projects were delivered by people who cared

Gosia Rygalik

Gosia graduated from the Design Department at Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts (2010 MA). She also studied at the Danmarks Designskole and gained her first professional design experience in Copenhagen. During the studies in Warsaw she was a member of the PG13 platform – responding to experimental design briefs, exhibiting, organizing and taking part in design workshops and competitions as well as industry supported projects.


Maxim Dedushkov

Founder of Holis School

Maxim is a design expert and strategic designer. He is the founder of HOLIS, co-founder of Hello Wood, an international wood workshop and festival, founder of MOME line, the design agency of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, founder of MOME ID, a user interface course, co-founder of Dedushkov, an innovation strategy and holistic design firm, founding member of CODEC, the Contemporary Design Collaborative.


Tomek Rygalik

Tomek is a designer, curator and educator with a Ph.D in Industrial Design, born in Lodz in 1976. He studied architecture at the Technical University of Lodz, and graduated in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute (1999 BID). He then worked with design companies in the United States, consulting for international clients such as Kodak, Polaroid, MTV, PerkinElmer, Dentsply, Unilever, and Dupont. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2005 (MA), he joined the RCA staff as a Research Associate and established Studio Rygalik in both London and Lodz, Poland.