Future scenarious for the reconstruction of the Rákóczi-Bánffy ​castle

Gilău, Romania

The Rákóczi-Bánffy castle which is situated today in Gilău was built in the 15th century. Interdisciplinary teams developed future scenarious for the reconstruction of the ​castle.

The challenge we worked on

As part of the Castle in Transylvania program that aims at undertaking the necessary preventive interventions to maintain the status quo and the revitalization of castles and manors Holis was invited to rethink the functions of the Rákóczi-Bánffy castle.

What are the results

The future scenarios and development plans were used by the owner of the castle to apply for a grant in order to get funding for the reconstruction.

The projects were delivered by people who cared

David Smilo

Architect, writer, critic and co-founder of paradigma:ariadné. He studied architecture at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and at the West Hungarian University. He is a former president of Budapest Architecture Student Studio and author of dozen essays, studies and articles in the topic of architecture, urbanism and politics. In his architecture related works he always collaborate with artist, designers and urban thinkers.


Marton Szabo

Strategic advisor @ Mito, co-founder, executive director @ Koin.


Maxim Dedushkov

Founder of Holis School

Maxim is a design expert and strategic designer. He is the founder of HOLIS, co-founder of Hello Wood, an international wood workshop and festival, founder of MOME line, the design agency of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, founder of MOME ID, a user interface course, co-founder of Dedushkov, an innovation strategy and holistic design firm, founding member of CODEC, the Contemporary Design Collaborative.


Panni Pais

Co-founder of Cellux Group, designer.


Tomi Koltai

Tomi is a biologist from Hungary. He's been always interested in green area development: how to bring back nature to daily life, be it our work environment or our personal every day life. Green walls, community gardens, historical gardens, agroinnovation just to mention some fields of experience he's participated during the last years.