Team up with us to work on social, environmental, economical challenges in your local area!

Together we can

Holis works with many partners to deliver an exceptional learning experience while developing projects that serve local communities. We work with business, public and civil sector organisations, and individuals.

Local Challenge Partners usually invite us to work on social challenges that affect the local community. Many times Local Challenge Partners also are the hosts of Holis. If you wish to be a Holis host, you will need to have a venue that is suitable to accommodate the lodging of 15-50 people in addition to having workshop spaces.

Get in touch with us through the form below if you are facing a complex problem and need help. We will bring an interdisciplinary team to your place and work closely with you to find the best solution possible.

"Holis brings new quality to the local community. We, as residents, feel distinguished that so many perfectly educated and competent people devote their time and share knowledge to develop innovative solutions to our problems and look for our strengths. It is a great event of inspiration for us.”

Katarzyna Krupska,
Chairperson at Local Action Group “Zapiecek” Radzyn Podlaski, Poland

"The results of the work by the participants of Holis were a positive shock. In a very short time the group was able to identify the needs of our company, that we are often aware of, but we never have time to address them. The majority of projects delivered by Holis will be implemented.”

Paweł Gaca,
Vice President at Spomlek, Radzyn Podlaski, Polan

"The idea of Holis is close to my way of thinking. I believe that bringing people from different backgrounds together and challenging them to do work that has an actual impact, addressing real problems is a good tool for changing the world. Implementing real projects and creating real impact is what we are aiming for at Sobole."

Tomek Rygalik,
Sobole Foundation, Sobole, Poland

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