Work with us to facilitate interdisciplinary teams

We are looking for a team of facilitators who will help HOLIS participants  learn, collaborate and deliver meaningful projects. Our teams are interdisciplinary, meaning that we are looking for someone who is comfortable facilitating a team of different disciplines and who is open to learn new methodologies of collaboration and is willing to experiment.

Based on our experience these are the skills you'll need to be a good Holis team facilitator:

Most importantly, you must be great with people. You are able to find a common language with different personalities and you are able to involve them in group work.
You are a great facilitator. You do everything possible to push your team to deliver their best project.
You bring eclectic groups together.
You are resourceful and knowledgeable.
You are happiest working in a group and enjoy inventing new processes and measuring progress.

What we provide

Accommodation and meals
Work equipment and materials for your team during the workshop and for the final exhibition
5–7 participants of mixed disciplines
Your project will be featured in our local and international press release and on our website
We are a non-profit organisation meaning in this case that our budget for each event depends heavily on sponsorship and grants. In case we get grant and/or sponsor money we will be able to pay you a fee. Unfortunately at this stage we can’t promise anything yet.
High quality photos and video you can use for your own purpose

Facilitator is responsible for the following

contribute to the development of the learning script for this year based on the script from previous year, our experience and feedbacks and the experience of the facilitator is similar situation/setting
during the campaign period help us reach potential participants
make short intro video that we can use during the campaign
arrive at the venue one day before the event starts
provide a written feedback for each team member (5-7 persons)
write a medium post about the team facilitator experience
deliver the learning script and support the team in any possible way to come up at the end of 9 days with a project. This involves lot of people management so everybody feels involved.

Apply to be a Holis team facilitator!

“The week I spent at HOLIS in Poland was inspiring, challenging, exhausting and recharging at the same time. It is a great mix of young minds from different disciplines and I hope to have built long lasting connections with the other team leaders. Highly recommended!”

Cansu Deniz Bayrak 
Partner at Bethnal Green Ventures, UK 
Holis team facilitator

"Attending HOLIS is moving experience. Somewhere between hackathon and a design sprint, HOLIS pushes attendants from different disciplines beyond what's the usual idea of collaboration. The event attracts diverse audience with shared values and growth mindset, creates friendships and multiplies the talent like nothing else I've experienced so far."

Michala Lipkova 
Assistant Professor, Institute of Design, Slovak University of Technology
Holis team facilitator

"HOLIS was a fantastically inspiring experience that pushed boundaries of knowledge-exchange, expertise and clean eating. Spending ten days in the company of people from all over the world, working within different fields that were brought together by the concern for the future of the countryside, climate change and regenerative design structures, allowed me the luxury of discovering new facets of these issues." 

Dana Olarescu
Performance artist
Holis team facilitator

"This is an amazing experiment, bringing users, designers, social scientists and architects together. My team was very smart, and incredibly enthusiastic to find solutions for seniors’ problems. We ended up creating a scheme radically restructuring the current retirement system together."

Iria Lopez
Service Design Lead, Design Council London
Holis team facilitator

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