Holis Sea

When: 20-28 May 2022
Duration: 1 week
Participants: 16 max. (12 places left)
€650 + cashbox* (approximately €150)

* for food, port fees, fuel, etc.., to be chipped in on the spot.

Apply Now!
Application deadline March 15.
Photos by Krstan Petrucz, Petra Ivanyi and Maxim Dedushkov.

What's the plan?

A Holis workshop on two sailing boats. With the challenge of making charter sailing more sustainable. 
We will take it easy this time. It's going to be 80% fun and 20% work.

Where and when
Croatia starting from Kastel Gomilica Marina.
We are sailing out on 21st May 2022, 14:00. We recommend to arrive one day earlier. We can rent a house together. This will be discussed later.
We will arrive back on the 28th May 2022 9:00 and it takes around 1 hour to unload the boat.

Captain Karoly Szanto and Maxim Dedushkov will be responsible for sailing.
Maximum of 16 participants (sleeping in double cabins, meaning that you will share the bed with someone.)

During one week of sailing we will observe and discuss the different aspects of charter sailing industry and think if some of these can be made more environmentally friendly. After one week we will continue working on our projects online if there is an appetite for it.

What's included in the price
7 nights on a sailing boat, bed linen, towels, end cleaning, SUP board and dinghy. On top of the fee we have a cashbox that covers food on boat, port fees, fuel.

What's not included in the price
Travel costs and insurance.

What to expect
Sailing in Croatia is comfortable and the conditions are perfect for beginners. The multitude of islands means that we will have a huge choice of bays, ports and towns to visit. Usually a day will look like this: waking up around 8am, breakfast, sailing out around 10am, finding a nice bay for lunch and swimming, preparing the lunch on boat, lunch, siesta, either staying at the bay for the night or sailing to the next bay/port, preparing dinner on boat or going out to a restaurant, having some drinks and having good time while talking about sailing, life and other things.

Application process and payment
Your application will be evaluated in 3 days after submission. If you are selected you will have to pay 50% of the fee in 3 days to secure your spot. The other 50% needs to be paid 30 days before departure.
Only full boats will sail out meaning that if you apply late and we don't have enough applicants to make the second boat full we will only have one boat and your application might be cancelled. So we advise you to apply asap.

Cancellation policy
Once you paid the 50% of the fee we can't pay it back if you cancel your trip. :( You will need to find someone else to fill your spot. We might help you with that if we have a waiting list.

Any questions?
Drop us an email: holissea@weareholis.org

What will you work on and why

Collected evidence in numerous case studies confirms that quality early childhood development can set children in adversity on the right track towards a brighter future. When services are provided early, the return on investment is the highest. Nevertheless, it is exactly those children most in need of early childhood development and care, who are absent from these services. This video explains everything much better than we ever could.

Holis Facilitators and Experts


Károly Szántó

Founder & Strategic Lead

Károly is passionate about sailing, He holds a professional skipper licence and has 38 years of active sailing experience. Finding the next secluded bay is the ongoing motivation for him. He is the Founder of MandoLab startup incubator, and Co-Founder of CEEDAR sustainability and cleantech venture capital investment, and Co-Founder of MandoVentures Holding which is a consulting firm. Heartfelt local dishes, the wide-open horizon of the sea, the company of authentic people are some of the features of life that makes him happy.


Maxim Dedushkov

Interdisciplinary Designer

Maxim is kind of designer, kind of entreprenuer. He is the founder of Holis. He also founded many other things. Some of them are still running. That makes him happy. Waste makes him angry. He also works as a consultant in social innovation, design, collective intelligence and management in general.


Maxim Dedushkov

Interdisciplinary Designer

Maxim is kind of designer, kind of entreprenuer. He is the founder of Holis. He also founded many other things. Some of them are still running. That makes him happy. Waste makes him angry. He also works as a consultant in social innovation, design, collective intelligence and management in general.

Junior Facilitator

Anna Ulahelova

UX Designer

Anna is a designer in UX, information and graphic design. She likes to observe and research topics connected with society, city and environment. She is passionate about design theory in Central Europe and Slovakia. She likes complex and meaningful projects where she can help to analyse, ideate and use visualisation to understand problems. Currently working as freelancer on projects in Slovak culture, design and environment. She co-works with strategic design and innovation company Stride XL in the Czech Republic.

Junior Facilitator

Dominika Majewska

Industrial Design/ Speculative Design

Dominika is a designer, researcher and social innovator based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She works at the intersection of social design and environmental transitions, focusing on creating balanced connections between human-made and natural systems. User experience researcher passionate about psychology. Explorer, looking for connections between the urban and rural tomorrows.

Junior Facilitator

Ella Weldon

Project Lead and Community Developer

Ella is currently working as a Project Lead and Community Developer for social and environmental consultancy Liminal. Her academic and work background spans psychosocial research, international development, migrant’s rights advocacy, youth mentorship, women’s empowerment and public health, with equity and justice the thread that ties them together. Ella is a DJ and radio host and puts on parties with her community sound-system cooperative.

Junior Facilitator

Gábor Suhajda

UX Design

Gábor is a UX team lead and product designer at Emarsys (part of SAP). He spends most of his time there facilitating a common understanding between teams and improving design processes. He’s the co-founder of MOME ID, one of the most acknowledged product design courses in Hungary where he’s a course leader, lecturer and mentor. With the MOME ID team, he’s been running design camps since 2016 dealing with non-digital co-creation, design thinking, speculative design & service design.

Junior Facilitator

Jeremiasz Rzenno


I am a product / graphic designer. I was the co-founder of Have a Bite (a media startup) and I have been working with Ergo Design - a design and consultancy agency.

Junior Facilitator

Šárka Benešová

Talent Management Designer

Šárka helps organizations to create a supportive, value-driven environment for the growth of human potential. She guides them through innovations, cultural change, design of development programs, hiring, and onboarding processes. Her background is in adult education and experiential learning, she works with a Czech design studio Court of Moravia, which draws on design thinking, human-centered design, and game design.

Who we are looking for

We will work with experts and practitioners of early childhood development. We will investigate what are the barriers of a well functioning early childhood development system and will develop potential solutions. Our main geographical focus is the Visegrad Region.

We are looking for participants from diverse backgrounds including, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Behavioral Change
  • Communication
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Learning Design
  • Local and Regional Governance
  • Service Design
  • Social Services
  • System Change
  • Visual Communication

How much does it cost?

This program is a non-profit endeavour. We receive a lot of volunteer work, get support from our sponsors, and grants. Nevertheless, your contribution is essential to make it work. We kindly ask that you pay as much as you can within the following ranges.

Student/Unemployed: €150-200.
(Self)Employed: €200-400.
NGO, Corporate: €400-800.

We have scholarships! Check the FAQ below!

Why Holis?

The Holis approach is different from traditional courses. We pay attention to every aspect of your well-being and learning.

Our courses are designed to deliver a unique and unforgettable educational experience.

Life can only be understood backwards