Your learning experience will help local communities

Holis designed a learning program that focuses on improving your soft skills and introduces you to the best of methodologies to get work done. We believe that hard skills are important but with the rapid evolution of technology a focus only on hard skills will leave you vulnerable to change. Soft skills on the other hand enable you to adapt to change more easily and make you a better team player.

Making new connections

Holis is a place-based learning program to foster social innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration and collective intelligence. Every year we bring together students and professionals from a wide range of disciplines to work on social innovation projects with the support of outstanding team facilitators.

We are living in the world of hyperconnectivity, hyper rapid changes and hypercomplexity. This setting is a hotbed for wicked problems. To solve such problems is extremely difficult because of the complex interdependencies, the effort to solve one aspect of a wicked problem may reveal or create other problems.

We believe the answer to the escalating economic and social wicked problems can only be a complex, comprehensive solution. We believe that innovation carried out by interdisciplinary teams can lead to such solution. The recent educational system although does not support the work of interdisciplinary teams but often maintains the knowledge within defined disciplines.

Our Values

We champion purpose driven business, socially and environmentally positive innovation, self-management and collaborative governance. We believe in the power of autonomy and co-ownership, we are ambassadors of interdisciplinary collaboration between design, business, technology and more.


Be trustworthy and to have a high level of personal integrity. Honesty and doing the right thing are just the starting point - true integrity means knowing who we are, what we value, and integrating that with our words and actions. We speak our truth even when it is unpopular, and we do not compromise on what is important.


We fundamentally believe our role on this planet is one of service and contribution - we are here to build a socially and environmentally more just world. We are idealistic, and we are pragmatic. We are motivated by the heart, and we act with considered intelligence. We love fun and new ways to do things, and we can persevere through the hard times. We understand things worth doing aren’t always easy. We are here to make a difference.


We give freely of our time and money to help others. This doesn’t mean we will go broke giving what we don’t have, but our natural impulse is to share. We make sacrifices to help those around us, and actively look for opportunities to create and share abundance.


We don’t sit around and talk about what someone else should do to make things better - we act. We don’t always ask permission before starting something new, and we risk failure striving for difficult dreams.


We love autonomy and self-determination, but we can add more value working together than on our own. If someone in their hearts is a lone wolf and doesn’t think we can build something better by working together, then Holis is not for them.